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Shame On You Prime Ministe Loefven
Dulles NOW Chapter
February 13, 2017

sweden PM stefan lofven

Act One:  In his inaugural speech to parliament in 2014, Prime Minister Stefan Loefven proudly announced that 'Sweden's new government is a feminist government' meaning that half his cabinet is female.  He also declared that 'the hunt for profits will be stopped'.

swenden isabelle lovin team 020317

Act Two:  Deputy PM Isabella Lovin  posted this all-women photo on February 3.  It is believed to be a direct put down of President Donald Trump.  She said it was to show 'we are a feminist government', the 'first one in the world', 'putting'equality between women and men at the heart of national and international work'.  No less.

Sweden women politicians in iran 022017

Act Three:   Mr. Loefven's 'first feminist government in the world'

Sweden walk of shame 2017

Act Four:   The two men are having a ball, as planned...

Sweden-PM in Iran 022017

Act Five:   Down to the real thing now: the hunt for profits...