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    Israeli  War Crimes

"We enthusiastically chose to become a colonial society, ignoring international treaties, expropriating land, transferring settlers from Israel to the occupied territories, engaging in theft and finding justification for all these activities.  Passionately desiring to keep the territories, we developed two judicial systems, one -- progressive liberal -- in Israel and the other -- cruel, injurious -- in the occupied territories.  In effect, we established an apartheid regime, and this oppressive regime exists to this day."
Michael Ben-Yair - Israel's former attorney general


Authoritative map of Israel's settlements in the West Bank

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(Palestinian Protection of Human Rights)

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights


Where Shall We Go, To Baghdad?                                                          Amon Regular

 04 Apr, 2003

Boy, 14, Shot In The Back And Six Dead                                              Justin Huggler

 04 Apr 2003

Israel Kills 6 Palestinians, Including 2 Children                                     IslamOnline

 27 Mar 2003

Israel Kills Ten-Year-Old Girl                                                                       PMC News

 27 Mar 2003

Sprayed Fields And Home Demolitions                                                 Joseph Algazy

 21 Mar 2003

Murder In Cold Blood                                                                                    Rasha Saas

20-26 Mar 03

As The War Approaches, Palestinian Fears Rise                                     Amira Hass

 20 Mar 2003

Activist's Memorial Service Disrupted                                                 Chris McGreal

 19 Mar 2003

Israel Kills 13 Palestinians, Including Baby And Two Teens                 Amos Harel

 19 Mar 2003

Peace Activist Say Israel Deliberately Killed Protester                   Ibrahim Barzak

 18 Mar 2003

Activist Who Died For Conviction                                                                BBC News

 17 Mar 2003

Israel Carries Out Deadly Gaza Raid                                                           BBC News

 17 Mar 2003

Israel Assassinate 4 Sleeping Palestinians                                              PMC News

 16 Mar 2003

Israel Kills Nine-Year-Old, Two Others                                                                 News Agencies

 03 Mar 2003

Bloodbath In Gaza                                                                                    News Agencies

 07 Mar 2003

Hungry In Gaza                                                                                           Peter Hensen

 05 Mar 2003

Israel Uses Children As Shields                                                IslamOnline & Agencies

 04 Mar 2003

Israel Crushes Pregnant Woman To Death                                         Justin Huggler

 04 Mar 2003

"An Enduring Hell"                                                                                 Khaled Amayreh

27Feb-03 Mar

Palestinian Patient Dies After Transfer In Snow Storm                 Amon Regular

 27 Feb 2003

Palestinian Plight Intensifies                                                                               LAW

 24 Feb 2003

10 Palestinians Killed In Gaza Strip                                                    Al Bawaba News

 23 Feb 2003

The World Focuses On Iraq, The Bodies Pile Up In Gaza                  Justin Huggler

 22 Feb 2003

Israel Rejects Distributing Gas Masks To Palestinians                           PMC News

 20 Feb 2003

Walls Of Indignity                                                                                 Annika Hampson

  20-26 Feb

Eyewitnesses Speak Of Gaza Battles                                                         BBC News

 19 Feb 2003

Israel Extends Closure Of Territory - Demolishes More Homes           PMC News

 16 Feb 2003

Israel Subjects Palestinians To Punishment 'Lottery'                       Justin Huggler

 11 Feb 2003

Food Running Out In Gaza As Aid Appeals Fails                                 Chris McGreal

 11 Feb 2003

Israeli Troops Gun Down Six                                                                   News Agencies

 07 Feb 2003

The Bulldozer's Mandate                                                                        Jonathan Cook

  06-12 Feb

Two Palestinian Nurses Killed When Israelis Attack Hospital               News Agencies

 06 Feb 2003

Israeli Bulldozers Bury Woman Alive                                                       News Agencies

 06 Feb 2003

Israel Kills 2 Palestinian Farmers                                                             News Agencies

 02 Feb 2003

"Searching Jenin"                                                                                       Ramzy Baroud

 02 Feb 2003

Israelis Kill Hamas And Fatah Men In Cold Blood                                Nazir Majally

 24 Dec 2002

Eyeless In Israel                                                                                            Gideon Levy

 19 Dec 2002

Dying For Work, Five Pay Price At Gaza                                                Stephen Farrell

 14 Dec 2002

The Murder Of My Terrorist Cousins                                                       Ramzy Baroud

 10 Dec 2002

Israeli Chief Justifies Killing Of Civilians                                                          PI News

 10 Dec 2002

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Toddler Dies After Being Shot By Israeli Troops                                                  AFP

 12 Nov 2002

From Gaza City To Rafah                                                                               Kristen Ess

 11 Nov 2002

Of Fences And Crossings                                                                          Jonathan Cook

  07-13 Nov

A Bloody Day In Palestine, Seven Killed                                                              PINA

 04 Nov 2002

Israeli Offensive Kills 8 Palestinians                                                        Justin Huggler

 04 Nov 2002

From Jenin To Ariel                                                                                  Khalid Amayreh

31 oct-06 Nov

The Army Must Stop The Olive Thieves                                                      Ze'ev Schiff

 31 Oct 2002

Olives And Lives                                                                                       Jonathan Cook

31Oct-06 Nov

Israel Destroys Homes Of Palestinian Activists In Jenin                                      AFP

 28 Oct 2002

Armed Settlers Force Out Villagers                                             Conal Urquhart Yanoun

 27 Oct 2002

Israeli Tanks Storm Into Jenin Again                                                       Justin Huggler

 26 Oct 2002

Israel Tightens Grip On Jenin                                                                         BBC News

 26 Oct 2002

It's The Pits                                                                                                     Amira Hass

 26 Oct 2002

Killing Cycles                                                                                           Khaled Amayreh

 24-30 Oct 02

Listen To Them - For Security Reasons                                                        Amira Hass

 24 Oct 2002

A War Against An Entire Population                                                    Danny Rubinstein

 21 Oct 2002

Israelis Kill 8 Palestinians In Cold Blood                                                   Nazir Majally

 18 oct 2002

Palestinians 'Killed By Israeli Tank Fire"                                                      BBC News

 17 Oct 2002

Palestinian Territories Largest Detention Camp In The World                Nazir Majally

 15 Oct 2002

Bloody Takeover Vandalises Holiest City                                             Jessica McCallin

 14 oct 2002

Boy, 3, Killed In Israeli Raid                                                                            Sky News

 14 oct 2002

Israeli Troops Kill Six Palestinians                                                             Nazir Majally

 14 Oct 2002

Fear And Loathing In Gaza                                                                         Graham Usher

 10-16 Oct 02

Sharon's 'Successful' Slaughter                                                              Khaled Amayreh

 10-16 Oct 02

Stone-Throwers To Be Treated Like Gunmen Says Israel                             IAP News

 10 Oct 2002

Israel Kills 2 Palestinian Boys In Gaza                                                      Nazir Majally

 10 Oct 2002

Protect The Olive Harvest, Enforce The Law On Violent Settlers                 B'Tselem

 10 Oct 2002

Israel's Broken Promise Seals A Village's Fate                                     Jonathan Cook

 09 Oct 2002

Full Gaza Invasion Is 'Just A Matter of Time', Israel Says                         Amos Harel

 09 Oct 2002

Israeli Blitz Kills 14 Palestinians                                                                 Nazir Majally

 09 Oct 2002

Sharon To Press On With Offensive                                                           Nazir Majally

 09 Oct 2002

IDF Praises Gaza Operation                                                                          Amos Harel

 08 oct 2002

Fourteen Dead In Gaza Raid                                                                           BBC News

 07 Oct 2002

Settlers Gun Down Palestinian Farmer In Olive Grove                                 Eric Silver

 07 Oct 2002

Israeli Army Kills 13 Palestinians, Injures Dozens in Khan Younis               IAP News

 07 Oct 2002

Gaza's 'Terrifying' Night                                                                                 BBC News

 07 Oct 2002

Children of Nablus Defy Deadly Curfew To Return To School               Justin Huggler

 05 Oct 2002

A Suffocating Curfew                                                                                     Gideon Levy

 30 Sep 2002

The Villagers See The Fence As A Land Grab                                             Amira Hass

 30 Sep 2002

B'Tselem Warns Of Gross Rights Violations Re Security Fence           Mazal Mualem

 27 Sep 2002

Palestinian Casualties Up 100% This Year                                               Amon Regular

 26 Sep 2002

Everyday Occurences                                                                                     Amira Hass

 25 Sep 2002

The Short Life Of Imad Abu Zahrah                                                      Cameron W. Barr

 18 sep 2002

Israel's Routine Terrorism                                                                             John Pilger

 17 Sep 2002

Eyewitness: Sabra And Shatila 20 Years On                                               Martin Asser

 14 Sep 2002

In The Dark Of Night, With No Witnesses                                                   Ada Ushpiz

 13 Sep 2002

Israeli Tanks Roll Into Gaza, Blow Up Homes                                           Nazir Majally

 13 Sep 2002

The Sabra And Shatila Massacres                                                                Robert Fisk

 12 Sep 2002

Twilight Zone: Grapes Of Wrath                                                                   Gideon Levy

 10 Sep 2002

IDF Wounds Six Palestinian Boys                                                                 Amos Harel

 08 Sep 2002

Human Shields, Inhuman Soldiers                                                     Mustapha Barghouti

  05-11 Sep

'Kill me, Shut Everything, But I Want Water For My Children'                  Amira Hass

 05 Sep 2002

Killing Deliberately, "By Mistake"                                                        Khaled Amayreh

  05-11 Sep

Occupation Without Responsibility                                                        Danny Rubinstein

 05 Sep 2002

30 Of 49 Palestinians Killed In August Were Civilians                                 Amira Hass

 03 Sep 2002

Children Killed In Israeli Helicopter Strike                                                   Phil Reeves

 01 Sep 2002

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  March 2002

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