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Please be aware that NOW officials have been advertising E-mail addresses and telephone numbers on the Web, including a "800" line, under the name of Dulles NOW.  These lines are connected to their offices and not to this Chapter or its President Marie-Jose Ragab. 

One of the E-mail address is: cjh@exis.net published under the name "Connie Hannah", a local NOW chapter leader in Virginia and a National Board member with whom we have no dispute, have never met nor spoken to directly and who has no legal nor organizational jurisdiction.

Be further aware that NOW also operates "Vienna NOW". Created shortly after we broke away, it is named after the city of Vienna, home base of Dulles NOW for over a decade. Vienna NOW has been advertised under the following assortment of postal addresses and contacts, a list which may not be exhaustive.

Postal Addresses:

(A). 316 Center Street N. Vienna, Virginia, 22180
(B). 10920 Coverstone Drive (APT C-4), Vienna, Virginia, 20109(a non existing street and a non-existing zip code in the city of Vienna)
(C).P.O. Box 446, Norfolk, Virginia 23501(a city located hundreds of miles from the city of Vienna)
(D). 2523 Glendyle Drive, Vienna, Virginia, 22181
(E). 45371 Gable Square Sterling Virginia, 20164

(F). 8334 Idylwood Road, Vienna, Virginia, 22181-5138

Telephone Numbers:

(A) (703) 281-5956 (a "not in service" number which has been nevertheless advertised for months in conjunction with the Center Street address listed above, now connected to a voice-mail.  Messages were never returned.)
(B) (703)330-5203
(C) (800) 824-6690. (a published number for a NOW office in Richmond, Virginia a location hundreds of miles away from the city of Vienna.)
(D) (202)467-6980 (a published number for the National NOW office in Washington, D.C.)
(E) (703) 530-8858
(F) (703) 433-0517
(G) (703) 204-2821


(703) 330-5203
(703) 371-3158

(A) cjh@exis.net
(B) AssertiveWoman@aol.com
(C) rudegirlva@aol.com
(D) Nessainvirginia@aol.com
(E) finder912@earthlink.net


These coarse attempts to intercept all forms of Internet communications with us, to identify NOW members and chapters supportive of our stand,to speak and collect funds in our name and to deflect press and other inquires,may be violating Federal and State laws.  In trying to asphyxiate, segregate, discriminate and retaliate against this chapter, you, however, are the one intentionally and cynically manipulated.

Following the informal advice of white-collar crime agencies and a formal recommendation from the Federal Trade Commission, we have sent a documented file to the Virginia Attorney General, requesting that an investigation be opened. The case is pending.

Internet fraud is dramatically rising, wrote Jerry Seper from the Washington Times in a May 9, 2000 article titled "Justice sets-up Web site to combat Internet crimes." Women are the first targets of these assorted scams. Be alert.  Find out how to protect yourself as the problem exploded since that article was written.

Dulles NOW is a legal component of the National Organization for Women.  Like any other NOW chapter, it has specific constitutional rights twice recognized by the Court when the Amicus brief on behalf of Paula Jones and the one against Internet Pornography were filed, in addition to the rights specified in the organization's by-laws.  In clear violation of
those rights,
we have been nevertheless cut-off from all routine internal communication and from all financial and membership data directly relevant. 

Because the leadership's actions raise serious and unprecedented legal questions and because all funds and all donor-related information must be turned over to the main office , we do not accept paid membership nor donations. 

Instead, we have created
The Friends of Dulles NOW  to protect the privacy of our followers.  Private, confidential and membership-free, it has provided a forum for the thousands who manifest their support and express their views.  It is opened to all. 

Please note that this is not a boycott.  Anyone wishing to contribute financially to NOW is evidently free to do so, but not through this Chapter.