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Clinton and the flesh peddlers
By Charles Smith  
2000 - WorldNetDaily.com

Inside the dark underworld of international crime, Ng Lapseng earned a
reputation of being tough, smart and connected.
Connected? In 1994, the Macau millionaire and brothel owner visited the
White House -- a visit captured in a personal photograph with President
Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

Ng Lapseng is also very well connected to Beijing. Reportedly a close
friend of Wang Jun, international arms dealer and the chairman of China
state weapons maker Polytechnologies, Inc., Ng also is reportedly a part
of a deadly Chinese organized crime gang that specializes in the
kidnapping of women for prostitution.

In an exclusive interview with WorldNetDaily, convicted Chinagate figure
Johnny Chung describes his experiences with reputed gangster Ng Lapseng
inside China and the Clinton White House.

"In June 1994, I met the mayor of Zhuhai with Charlie Trie and Ng Lapseng
at their hotel in Washington D.C.," said Chung. 
Ng Lapseng with Bill and Hillary Clinton in the White House. Photo
courtesy of the White House Reform and Oversight Committee. 
"I cannot tell you the mayor's name because of my own concerns, but I can
tell you he knew Ng Lapseng very well. All too well."

"Trie, the mayor of Zhuhai, Ng and I were waiting to go to watch a speech
by President Clinton," noted Chung. "We decided to chat a while during
the wait. At one point, Trie asked to visit my office in Los Angeles.
According to Trie, Ng Lapseng was interested in investing money into my
fax service. Trie even mentioned that Ng was considering up to a
'million' dollars."

"I agreed and later that month they came to L.A. for a visit," explained
Chung. "I took Trie, Ng and the mayor of Zhuhai to visit the opening of a
business center in Los Angeles and then later that night we went to
dinner to discuss business.

"Ng and Trie picked a very expensive Chinese restaurant," said Chung. "At
the end of the evening, the bill for dinner was over $3,000. Ng presented
his credit card, but curiously, it was returned as 'rejected.' Trie
quietly asked me to pay the bill, but I was not willing to pay three
thousand dollars for dinner. Trie had told me that Ng was a very rich
millionaire and he had much power in Macau and China. Yet, here this
'millionaire' had his credit card rejected."

"At this point, Ng Lapseng started to laugh and he pulled out a huge wad
of money from his pocket, paying the restaurant bill, leaving several
hundred dollars extra as a tip. Ng explained he knew his credit card
would come up bad and that he just enjoyed embarrassing everyone."

"Two years later in 1996, I took another business trip to China, and met
a prominent businessman from Zhuhai who also knew the mayor," stated
Chung. "He noted that the mayor of Zhuhai would be pleased if I could
visit sometime. I agreed to accompany him back to Zhuhai and have dinner
with the mayor."

"During the dinner, the mayor explained that he loved Zhuhai," noted
Chung. "He noted that Ng Lapseng was a Zhuhai 'hometown boy.' He also
bragged that if he wanted to, he could be the vice minister of Guangdong
province. However, he stated that 'I like Zhuhai better.'"

"I then asked him why would he want to be a mayor and not a vice

He said, 'I am very comfortable. I have control of a very important
seaport. I have control of the customs officials. I have control of the
PLA units attached here. I control everything that goes in and out of
China from here. Everything.'"

"It was then that the mayor relayed to me that he and Ng Lapseng
controlled everything flowing between Macau and China," stated Chung.

"I was somewhat stunned, but I tried to remain calm," stated Chung.
"During the dinner, I noted that the mayor had a picture from America in
his office. It was a signed picture of Mark Middleton, special assistant
to President Clinton, sitting with the mayor on a couch. Middleton looked
ridiculous, relaxing with his tie off, drinking with the mayor."

Year of the rat
Ng Lapseng, according to Asia expert Bill Triplett, is part owner of
"Ang-Du International," reported to be one of several firms that acquire
women for Ng to employ at his Macau brothels. A 1998 article on Ang-Du
and Ng published in the Wall Street Journal noted the company frequently
acquired underage women, many forcibly abducted for prostitution.

"Year of the Rat" by Bill Triplett and Ed Timperlake clearly notes that
Ng Lapseng arrived in San Fransciso with $175,000 in cash -- the same
June 1994 visit to America when Johnny Chung met the Macau brothel

"Within two days, Ng was dining at the White House mess with presidential
aide and Democratic Party fund-raiser Mark Middleton. Later that evening,
Ng and his associate Charlie Trie would make honored guest appearances at
a DNC-sponsored presidential Gala," noted Triplett and Timperlake in
their book.

Clearly, Ng's status as "hometown boy" took him into the halls of the
White House and into the power centers of communist China. Ng and his
friends on both sides of the Chinese border reportedly make great profits
in drugs, money laundering, guns and women.

Ng's flesh business is made even easier because of the vast numbers of
poor Chinese women seeking employment in a so-called "free market."
According to China Rights Forum, a journal of human rights in China, poor
Chinese women are promised easy jobs in the south as a lure into
prostitution. Migrant female workers -- either abandoned or too poor to
return home -- are swept up by the frequent street raids of the People's
Armed Police, and then forced into prostitution.

Once arrested, Chinese women are detained without charges under brutal
conditions in "C&R" centers run by the People's Armed Police. A February
China Rights Forum interview of former C&R detainees included the
recently published case of "Ling X," an anonymous Chinese engineer who
was arrested because a PAP officer struck him.

"Ling said female detainees were often subjected to violence if they did
anything that the guards did not like," noted the China Rights interview.

"One time during dinner, he saw a female detainee being slapped in the
face and then beaten with a bamboo stick and belt. Ling said most of the
female detainees were quite young. He said most were girls who had run
away from their families in rural areas to find jobs in big cities like
Shenzhen or Zhuhai."

"Many girls want to make some money in a summer job to surprise their
families or support their families financially," stated Ling to the China
Rights Forum reporter.

"They are easily cheated by traffickers or job agencies. Many of them
don't get the job or the pay they were promised. For example, they are
told they will work in sales before they go, but they end up in a sauna,
a massage club, or a 'hair salon' that fronts for a brothel, and then
ultimately get detained in the C&R center."

Has the Clinton administration and the communist leadership in Beijing
ignored the problem? Is this state-sponsored trafficking?

One expert who says yes is the National Organization of Women's Dulles,
Virginia chapter President Marie-Jose Ragab. After working for over a
decade on the trade issue and state-sponsored prostitution. Ragab's stand
on the sale of women has led her to split openly with the feminist
mainstream and oppose President Clinton's policies.

"The fact that the loosening of trans-border regulations has allowed a
freer circulation of capital and goods has been a boost to the
traditional activities of organized crime," said Ragab. "To the degree
that it possesses unprecedented masses of 'dirty' money, it constantly
twirls around the globe in permanent search of respectability in order to
enter the regulated financial system, something politicians have the
power to provide."

"The abominable buying and selling of women is an integral part of it, as
it has always been, hence the effort by some governments to legitimize
such a lucrative trade since women have become, in this new world order,
no more than a mercantile commodity, a 'product' just like any other,"
asserted Ragab.

"It is seldom explained for what it is -- a modern form of slavery masked
by official passports and airplane trips, but slavery nevertheless.
Instead, the mainstream media, government agencies and unknowledgeable
women's groups encourage the public to focus on relieving the individual
condition of the trafficked women, not the root causes, reinforcing the
trading thereby."

Ragab also noted her dissatisfaction with the current feminist mainstream
and their support of the Clintons.

"As with rape and sexual harassment, feminist hypocrisy rules supreme,
for their professed outrage never extended beyond slick brochures and
tantalizing Internet ads," Ragab told WorldNetDaily.

"They have fully supported the 1995 'President's Interagency Council on
Women' headed by Mrs. Clinton, an instrument intended to create
international prosecution-free loopholes so badly needed by traffickers
everywhere, and I could not help but remember how Eleanor Smeal
systematically prevented my presenting these facts to the NOW National
Board in the years I served as International Director for the group."

Ragab also noted she expected that a Sen. Hillary Clinton from New York
would continue to support World Trade and U.N. efforts to legalize
state-sponsored prostitution.

"I see no reason why she would not, based on the record, and based on the
concept advanced by perverse and/or plain dumb feminists that women are
intelligent adults who have the right to chose their lifestyle and to
dispose of their body as they see fit," stated Ragab flatly.

"State-sponsoring of prostitution has long been the dream of many
governments, one the Netherlands just reached when they recently made
prostitution a taxable 'job.' Thailand and the Philippines come to mind
as well, along with many others."

"It is a sadistic, woman-hating inversion of previously-sound concepts
then, designed to encourage women to reach their potential, a
rationalization of barbarism when we know what the sold women endure, the
tortures, the inability to leave the milieu, the often wretched abusive
childhoods and lawless environments which foster trafficking," concluded

And what of Johnny Chung? Convicted in 1998 of illegal campaign donations
to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Chung has recently been the target of more
than one assassination attempt. Despite the threat to his life, Chung
asserts he made the Clinton administration aware of Ng's dangerous
connections to the Chinese prostitution business.

"I told the FBI about Ng," said Chung. "I told the Department of Justice
about the mayor and Middleton. I told them everything and more. Yet,
nothing has been done."


Women for Sale

Women Tortured


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